Fitness journey of brand ambassador Dean Statler.

Hey, My name is Dean and I’m a 27 years old personal trainer and fitness professional. I
grew up in a small town called Vero Beach or as some would call it “Zero Beach” because there wasn't much to do. growing up I always played sports, basketball, soccer, to skateboarding and surfing I was very active and it was impossible for to gain weight. I started going to the gym my senior year of high school and started learning more about nutrition and its role in maintaining a healthy life style. Still not knowing much about lifting, it would just always be a competition on who could bench or squat the most weight. Being very competitive I had always had to win but being the smallest guy in the room didn't really help. I have always had a BIG heart for helping others and I believe this is what got where I am today. It all started about nine years ago while working at a hotel as a bellman/valet parker. A girl not much older than I was at the time had just started working at the front desk and I couldn't help but notice how severely overweight she was. We actually became really close friends after a while and one Sunday morning a man was checking out of the hotel and was really unhappy with his stay. he decided to take it out on her and started calling her ever name in the book, making fun of her weight to the point where she started to break down and cry. I got the manager on duty to come out and take care of the man and took my friend out of there. Since I had recently started working out regularly I decided to help her out with what I knew .... which wasn't much. We met the very next day and the rest of the summer at 5:00am every morning to workout by the beach where there wasn't any one to judge her. At the end of the summer she had lost over 50 lbs! more than that she was happier than ever and was full of energy. The feeling of helping her towards a healthier life style was one of the best feelings in the world.
I decided to pursue a career in the fitness world to help motivate others to a
healthier life style and achieve goals they never thought they could! I went to a trade school in Orlando Florida for exercise science and physiology where I then moved down to Miami to work for a gym called Equinox. I climbed my way up to the top there and realized there was more out there for me. Nine long years later with many obstacles along the way, I am the owner of a successful fitness company and I am doing what I love and wouldn't have it any other way. I'm blessed to be apart of something bigger than just me.The gym for me today is my place to get away from all the craziness in life and just let lose. whether I'm having a bad day or a good one I always leave the gym feeling one hundred times better then when I walked in. sometimes the days I don't feel like going turn into the best workouts. I love the quote “ Bodybuilding is a art, your body is the canvas, weights are your brush and nutrition is your paint. We have the ability to turn 1 a self portrait into a masterpiece” consistency is key to everything. Hard work works! Waking up just about everyday of the week at 4 or 5 in the morning is rough but the thought of helping
someone lose that weight, gain muscle that they want and push them or just simply being there to listen and encourage them to support a healthier version of themselves motivates me everyday to achieve goals short term and long term for me and everyone I encounter and I may fail but I get back up and try again! Generosity is a privilege and I cant thank God enough for giving me the opportunity to make a living doing do what I love but more so getting to see people achieve goals they never thought they could!
- Dean Statler
IG: @nooffseason_fit

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