Melanie Levenson shares her fitness journey & tips on how to stay motivated!

Everyone has a fitness journey. Making a conscious effort to be fit or to complete a goal one has to go through a journey to get there. My journey has led me to be a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor in New Jersey, as well as an NPC Figure Athlete. We all have a story to tell with ups and downs, struggles and triumphs. Here are some tips and stories I would like to share with you that have helped me stay motivated on my journey.

I moved to NJ in 2009, joined a gym and began taking group fitness classes. At the time, I was a school teacher, but I fell in love with the “high” and crazy energy that can fill a room while taking a group class. Taking a huge risk, I left education and became a certified group fitness instructor. The more I educated myself, I absorbed a ton about form, body mechanics, weightlifting, and clean nutrition which furthered my journey and I became a certified personal trainer.

At present, I am facing new challenges prepping for my third NPC show in April, 2018. I will be bringing more size, muscle and determination to the stage this year. We all face challenges and sometimes it can be difficult to stay the course. Here’s a few of my tips for staying motivated.

Plan Ahead. This can be one of the hardest steps in daily hustle of life, but the most powerful to get you started on your journey. Before I workout, I have a concise mental plan of how to most efficiently conquer the day’s goal with effective use of gym space/ materials. I meal prep every two days so all my food is ready to go. I keep a journal for nutrition. Writing it down just gets me to remember and execute on what I want to accomplish. On a busy schedule, it’s important to be organized.

Execute. Now that you have your plan in place it’s time to execute, put into motion what you have laid and feel the burn. Use time wisely. Clock watch and make sure you get in all exercises you planned. Set an alarm so you can eat on time and stick to your nutrition plan. Same goes for training. Setting an alert gets me to work on time, keeps my day on track, and motivates me to work out. Let people know what you goal is that day. I find when I tell someone what I want to do I’m more likely to do it.

Now that you’ve made it to the gym, trained, and food prepped, it’s time to Evaluate. Set new goals and hold yourself accountable to those goals. I keep all my goals/accomplishments recorded by taking pictures and documenting workouts. I am setting myself up for success by creating a system for improvement. Seeing and reviewing results motivates me to work harder each day.
Focus, self talk, and organization will be the anchor of change. I am pushing further than ever before with daily commitment and love. It’s a two way street, work and results.

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