The NPC Holiday classic was a great turnout!! We got up Saturday morning with extra energy and made sure to get to the venue early enough to set up. This was the first time we had the whole crew there which made it 10 x more fun! We had music playing, energy drinks, an awesome booth display, and a great team! Having all of us there was definitely beneficial in multiple ways. We decided to bring the tent to separate us from other and to catch customers attention. However, since the Holiday classic was the last show of the season, we decided to throw in some sales and great deals to help everyone get their Christmas gifts on time! We wanted to say thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth not just to grab some IMFiT Apparel gear but also to share their journeys and stories. It's always inspiring to hear people overcoming obstacles in life. We are extremely grateful for all of you! Thank you!

IMFiT Apparel team


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