This past Saturday, we sponsored our very first skim boarding contest, Snow Globe Skim Jam, hosted by Skim the Globe and Island Water Sports in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The event had an awesome turnout with over 50 competitors from all over Florida. Despite the cold weather, it was great meeting everyone from the skim boarding community, and involving IMFiT Apparel in the industry. Having done a beach event prior to this one, we knew not to bring a ton of products with us. So, we brought one box of apparel and printed custom made t-shirts specifically for the event. Towards the end of the event, we hosted a pushup competition where we gathered both kids and adults to do as many pushups as they could within one minute. Not only were we impressed at how many people we got to participate, but we were also impressed at the great sportsmanship that every person had in the push-up competition, and at the event itself. We split the members into 2 groups based on age group, so that the competition would be fair. Afterwards, we gave each winner an IMFiT Apparel custom event t-shirt and a tank top from our line.

Isaac, Owner/Founder of IMFiT Apparel, decided to step into the competition 3 days prior to the event after only two weeks of practice. At first, he had no idea what to expect, but Grace Barbara, Owner/Founder of SkimTheGlobe, made him feel comfortable enough to compete. After making it through the first heat, Isaac got top four at the Semi-Finals to propel him into the Final Round. He ended up taking home a 4 th place finish! Congrats to all winners and thank you everyone who stopped by the booth! The IMFiT Apparel team is stoked for future events and a new year! Happy 2018!!



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